haven't chosen a niche for your business yet?!
"Do I even need a niche?!"
The short answer is "YES" you need a niche and if you don't choose one, you will struggle every single day of your business....
You might be thinking..."Ok, so I need one but how do I know what to choose?"

Your inability to identify your ideal client will be the primary reason why you struggle to get clients and fail to make consistent income.

When you don't have a clearly defined niche, you have NO IDEA who you are talking to. You will be confused about what content to create. And right now, knowing what they need is more important than ever. 

No niche often equals no business. And right now, you need business!

I'm here to help and make sure that this workshop is the LAST training you will EVER need on identifying your ideal client

This is NOT a webinar. There is no promo at the end. Just straight teaching and me coaching you to make sure to leave with a profitable niche in mind. 


  • Why niching is SO important to your business success
  • ​The top mistakes that health coaches make with niching
  • ​The reason why your current niche isn't helping you make sales
  • ​The ingredients of a profitable, MONEY-MAKING niche
  • ​How to determine a niche that feels right for you
  • ​Problematic niches that you need to avoid (like the plague)
  • ​The most important activity you can do when starting your biz


The ultimate workshop to finally figuring out a niche that brings you clients & income!

Unlike other workshops that are created by people who have NEVER worked in the health & wellness industry, Niching like a Boss is created by a health coach who successfully grew a multiple 6-figure health coaching business.

Niching like a Boss is different because the framework not only helps you brainstorm the perfect niche but it also helps you get to know your ideal client so that you know what content to create and what programs to sell them.


90-minute recorded workshop with Kendra to learn how to pick the perfect niche for you business. 
($1497 VALUE)

30-minute recorded Q&A session. Hear others get feedback on their niches to help you choose the right niche for you.  
($497 VALUE)

Lifetime access to the workshop recording so you can go back and re-listen as many times as you want. 
($197 VALUE)

Niching like a Boss workbook that will give you my 5-step system for identifying your perfect niche plus all the steps for assessing and troubleshooting the niche you currently have. 
($97 VALUE)

That's a $2288 value for only...


Hey there! I'm Kendra Perry

Online Business Mentor for Health & Wellness Coaches

I'm the talented educator and marketing expert who is on a mission to end health coach poverty by helping you build a thriving online business.

As a former Functional Health Coach, I grew a 6-figure business in just 3-years. Along the way I watched most of my colleagues struggling to pay their bills. I knew I needed to help. 

I help you end your financial poverty with the Wealthy Coach Framework that helps you create a solid business foundation and start attracting paying clients.

Once you have a solid business in place, I help you scale your business and achieve financial freedom with the group programs using the Profitable Groups System. 

I live in British Columbia, Canada, where you will find me scaling mountains and chilling on the beach with strawberries and kombucha. 

Are you utterly exhausted at seeing an empty schedule with absolutely ZERO appointments?

Have you been making yourself utterly INSANE trying to figure out, "Do I need a niche?" "What should my niche be?" Is my current niche good enough!?"

Are you ready to be serious about your business so you start attracting the right clients and dollars to your bank account? 

Let's end that madness. RIGHT NOW.


If you find you're not 100% satisfied with NICHING LIKE A BOSS, you can request a refund after 30-days of purchasing the workshop.

I fully believe in the Niching like a Boss System and I 100% believe that if you implement the trainings, you will see success.

So please take a full 30-days to explore the workshop material, and figure out your niche. 

If you still don't find this helpful, all you need to do is prove that you have worked through the workshop by providing us with the completed workbook, etc. and we will give you a full refund.

Now I know you have let's get those answered!

Is this a live workshop?

No. This is the recording of a previously live workshop. Think of it like a mini-course. You will get access to the recordings for live.

Is the $97 a one-time fee?

Yes! And then you get lifetime access!

Do I need to be a health coach to purchase this workshop?

Nope. This workshop will be helpful to anyone who has an online coaching business. You could be a spiritual coach, mindset coach, wellness coach, Functional Doctor, energy coach, style coach, fitness coach, yoga coach, life coach, business coach, abundance, nutrition coach, etc. 

How long will it take me to complete the workshop?

The recording is just under 2-hours. You can re-watch as many times as you want.

I haven't started my business yet, is this workshop for me?

Absolutely! Niching is the most important task for new business owners! By completing this workshop, you will set yourself up for success!

What is your refund policy?

You can request a refund at 30-days. Please take that time to enjoy and implement the workshop material. If at 30-days, you don't find this workshop valuable, we will give you a full refund. We just ask that you give us proof that you have worked through the workshop.

Is this workshop for female-identified individuals only?

Nope, we welcome all genders including male-identified, trans, non-binary, polygender, etc. We are inclusive of all identities!

Let's figure this out together so you can start building your audience online.

If your business is in struggle town, we need to start with your niche.

To this day, I haven't spoken to a single health coach in financial struggle who had a clearly defined niche.

This is the first step towards your health coach success.

No more wasting time! Let's do it now!

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